Architecture & Interior Design
Over our 15-year history, we have gained an international reputation as a leading design firm with extensive experience in residential, commercial and institutional premises. We have extensive experience in designing resort real estate (3-5 star hotels, boarding houses, balneological complexes). Our practice has diversified and our geographical reach has expanded to include ongoing projects across the Gulf, North Africa and China.
We maintain attention to detail and commitment to design quality, which have earned an international reputation for high quality design. Modern technologies and the highest standards of design quality have provided our clients with cost-effective architectural and design solutions.
  • 15+ years of experience
  • Over 8 countries with delivered projects
  • 27 professionals:
    designers, architects, engineers
  • Turnkey project:
    Architecture, Design, Construction and Furnituring
  • Architecture projects of buildings

    Our specialists have experience in developing projects of varying complexity: from townhouses to multi-apartment high-rise buildings.

  • Development of interior solutions

    Development of interior solutions for a large number of areas: hotels, apartments, shops, offices, villas, yachts.

  • 3d visualizations

    3d visualizations and 3d video presentations of your project of any complexity.

  • Landscaping and creation of public spaces

    Extensive experience in designing artificial territories, marinas (yacht ports), infrastructure facilities, hydraulic structures

  • Conceptual Budgets

    Budgeting considers costs of materials, labor, and more from the start. A conceptual design estimate factoring in long-term solutions should happen before you decide on an approach.

  • Author's supervision

    The author's supervision service will not only save you time, but also save you from unnecessary stress associated with renovation.

  • Cost Estimates

    Our team provides pre-construction cost estimates based on industry expertise. We factor in the scope of a project, its location, building materials, and other cost-sensitive matters, looking at where the client can save.

  • Due Diligence

    A major aspect of the pre-construction process, due diligence is when measurements are taken and every detail is considered. It helps ensure a project meets all relevant building codes.

  • Interiors for yachts and ships

    We create interiors for yachts and ships with their subsequent production and installation

Pre-Construction Management Services

We provide pre-construction services focused on efficiency—from concept through completion. Our goal is to ensure the final product represents the client’s vision. We ensure each construction project receives the most careful attention to planning. Our clients can therefore benefit from our pre-construction planning, project scheduling, and engineering services.

Why Pre-Construction Services?

Сonstruction projects involve a great amount of planning. Managing the pre-construction process provides clients with a clear picture of how to proceed. It also eliminates a lot of guesswork, including how a project will be executed and when it will be completed. Pre-construction also weighs several options, for example, those that yield savings. By working closely with the client, we can ensure expectations are realistic and all options are evaluated.