We specialize in the redevelopment of multi-family and commercial spaces, including multi-family dwellings, mid-and high-rise buildings, hospitality properties, and large commercial buildings. We can carry out a full cycle of work, including Architecture, Design, Construction work and Furnishing
  • Luxury Quality
    In our work we use only premium quality materials, and give you 5 years warranty for all types of our work
  • 56 professionals

    Designers, architects, engineers who are ready to do their work as efficiently as possible and on time
  • Permits and approvals
    We help clients to obtain the necessary permits and approvals
  • Facility maintenance
    After the completion of the construction work, we are ready to take your facility for maintenance
Our team of renovation specialists understands these unique challenges. Whether you own a commercial or residential building, we’re ready to help you build exciting, updated interiors that will delight your tenants and increase the value of your investment.
Our experienced multifamily renovation contractors can provide any type of renovations for your property. Whether your goal is to update and modernize the layout of a unit, install energy-efficient insulation and appliances, or completely redesign the exterior facade, we can meet your needs. We provide complete interior renovations and can achieve any type of result you specify.
Interior and amenity renovations present several unique challenges to property owners. Apart from making sure that renovations get done on time and within budget, property owners also need to minimize the disruption to their tenants—especially if they want to maintain high occupancy.

Working with property owners, managers, and developers, our team can perform any type of full unit renovation. A full unit upgrade, often referred to as a unit turn, can include demolition, framing, drywall, plumbing, mechanical and electrical work, as well as insulation, lighting, cabinetry, fixtures, and finishes.

In addition, we can reconfigure unit layouts; provide windows, doors, and other elements; add in-unit laundry, and update all surfaces as needed. Clients count on us to manage all the pieces of the puzzle including planning, materials, labor management, quality control, and commitment.

Our engineering expertise makes us one of the most trusted renovation companies in Dubai. We work with property owners, developers, managers, and real estate firms to manage every aspect of their exterior renovations including stucco, siding, windows, roofing, balconies, decking, waterproofing, and site amenities. Our exterior renovation professionals leave no detail untouched. From landscaping solutions that can beautify your property to hardscaping such as concrete, pavers, or stone paths, we can match the best solutions with any commercial or multi-family property. If you want to add a pool, fountain, clubhouse, or another outside amenity, we can help there, too.
Facility maintenance
After the completion of the construction work, we are ready to take your facility for maintenance

Our expertise includes maintaining distribution boards, control panels and capacitor banks as well as lighting panels. We are also able to offer specialist solutions for our clients.


We are establishes minimum pressure and flow rate values and ensures that they are consistently attained, even during peak demand, when multiple plumbing fixtures are being used simultaneously.

As well as internal plumbing, we also take care of drains & gutters, sewage pumps, sump pumps and rain water drains

Ventilation, conditioning

We offer a range of ventilation services for commercial and residential properties. These range from managing kitchen extraction fans to stair pressurisation systems and include kitchen exhaust fans and smoke extraction fans.


Our qualified team has experience across the sectors, delivering cleaning services for environments whose demands range between 7* luxury interiors, high footfall events and heavy intensity labour camp facilities. Our people are trained to deal with any customer requirement.